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About Us

JSC “Elmoris” was founded in 1996. From the beginning the company specializes in the production of “Twist-off” metal closures. For our customers we offer a wide range of "Twist-off" metal caps of various diameters printed to customer design, also tinplate coating and printing services.

We are representatives of a company “INDEX-6”in the Baltic States, for  bottling, filling and dosing lines, closing and testing systems, labeling, packing and transporting systems.

We are always in the process of including all new technologies to improve our production, making continuous investments to advanced technologies and a high level of staff training, which allows us to produce goods to the highest standards.

Our goal - to do our best in understanding and satisfying the customers’ needs – helped us to become market leaders in the Baltic States and to earn loyal customers in The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Hungary, Belgium,  Slovenia, Great Britain, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan etc. 


Mission/basic thinking

To be the most reliable company in Twist-off type metal caps and metal decorating market, satisfying local and foreign customer needs to the maximum. To reach company profitability as a guarantee of stability and successful business.

Goals. Strategic tasks and fields of concern: 

  • Ongoing improvement of integrated quality and environment management systems according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements;
  • Determination of customers needs, their prediction and satisfying these needs to the maximum extent;
  • Improvement of current production technology;
  • Systematic training for all staff levels;
  • To maintain all employers responsibility for the goods and own work quality considering their position and competency;
  • To run production with ongoing observance of environmental protection.

Managerial responsibility:

  • To provide the employees with good work conditions for high-quality and productive work, to ensure all social benefits and a friendly atmosphere of mutual understanding;
  • Acknowledgment of employees worthiness and their motivation to achieve the best results;
  • To comply with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania related to environmental protection and other legal requirements;
  • To use environmentally friendly raw materials and substances in production;
  • To implement the preventive measures against pollution by reducing the amount of harmful emissions in air from stationary sources of pollution, to reduce raw materials and energy resources consumption, as well as the amount of waste during production;
  • To reduce the risk of accidents.


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