The construction of the new “Elmoris“ factory has already started. All our present production will be transferred to it, which will enable us to optimize our activity and make it more effective by concentrating all processes under one roof, by increasing the production volume, by reducing the costs of energy and the costs of property maintenance. Although the production volumes will double, we are planning to automate and robotize the production process and warehouse work, thus optimizing the demand for new employees - 15%  more workplaces will be created. The area of the new factory premises will be almost two times bigger  than that of the old one and will reach about 26 thousand square meters.

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"Of course, the main thing is that the production volumes will double.  However, this is not the only advantage of the new factory“, says Gintaras Klovas, the Chairman of the Board of the company. "After we move, we will become more attractive to our customers, and after the installation of the new, more efficient  equipment, the quality of the production will be even better, and the production time will be shortened."

Our existing production lines in the new factory will be complemented by two new varnishing and two new stamping lines. After the factory begins operating,  we are planning to increase the production capacity of "PVC-free" eco-friendly lug caps by installing more of the production lines for these lug caps. In the near future we are planning to purchase a PT-type ("Press-twist") line for the lug caps. The lug caps, that are produced in this line,  are  also eco-friendly and are mostly used for canning children's food.

We pay a lot of attention to the environment, use eco-friendly raw materials, prevent pollution, therefore, we are glad that after we move, will be able to take care of the nature even more, for example, at the factory, all electricity will be used only from renewable energy sources as well as at the present time.

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